David Coley


  • Results-driven System Integrator (10+ years), Project Manager for IT (6+ years), and Site Reliability Engineer (10+ years) / DevOps (10+ years).
  • Focused on integrating multi-vendor products and home-grown solutions into a uniform working environment.
  • Knowledgeable management of the full development life-cycle from Source Control, Issue Management, Code Review, System Testing, and Development Tooling on multiple platforms using both Agile and Waterfall methodology.
  • Mission critical software integrator (10+ years), developer (10+ years) with end-user support (10+ years) experience.
  • Experienced programmer, with cybersecurity (2 years), data privacy (5 years), and disaster recovery knowledge across multiple platforms.

Professional Qualifications


April 2013 – Present
NTT Data Canada, Toronto, Ontario
Client: Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS)

Morgan Stanley declared that I was a critical component of the Developer Tools team. As a result, I was transferred from Accenture to NTT Data to build a new team that could continue the work under a long-term contract.

Team Lead and Project Manager for local and remote locations. Helped design, build and deploy the Morgan Stanley Developer Environment for over 10000 developers world-wide. Key success included:

  • Developer Desktop consolidation, which improved turnaround time between developer onboarding to productivity from several weeks to days.
  • Standardization of methods to request new products and libraries. Increased overall developer satisfaction due to having all expected tools ready at hand.
  • Improving and maintaining the availability and stability of compilers, integrated development environments, and library resources for multiple languages: C++, Java, NPM, NuGet, C#, Perl and Powershell globally.

  • Interviewed and hired a new team of application packagers and deployment specialists. 4 local resources and 4 remote off-shore resources
  • Provided mentoring and task assignments for both teams.
  • Implemented Kanban Agile Daily Scrums (5 years), which allowed an overall decrease of the request-to-release turnaround time, and allowed product releases to meet Key Performance Indicators and required company Impact-Improvements.
  • Managed a growing in-house knowledge store of custom SLA, product on-boarding procedures and operational workflows. Maintained internal licensing, vendor touchpoints and security policies to allow rapid deployments through Wiki (12 years), Jira (12 years) and ServiceNow (5 years)
  • Worked with a large company wide team to test the impact of desktop virtualization and high-density desktop network computing. Perception testing, and practical numbers were used to determine best solution for usability and security.
  • Migrated the team to a fully Agile and Audit Change Management system that required multiple sign-off of code changes to meet regulatory requirements. Migration included formalization of usage for Perforce (12 years), GIT (5 years), Jira (12 years), Jenkins (5 years), Team City (4 years)
  • Automated operational and developer tooling using Powershell (5 years), Perl (15 years), Shell Scripting (10 years), YAML and Javascript (4 years)
  • Improved deployment reliability which key stake-holders to allow for the Artifactory repository management to be trusted as viable.
  • Key member of cross-team Artifactory (1 year) and Nexus (6 months) with X-Ray (1 year), Blackduck (6 months) and internal security tooling automation evaluation to allow full automation of the onboarding of open source libraries. Improved relations with developers to allow near instant access to ‘safe’ library updates, while preventing unsafe code to enter development environment.
  • Developed and maintained complex operational automation to allow deployment of development tools in antifactory to cross into production environment while meeting regulatory business needs.

Provided ongoing Subject Matter Expert and Site Reliability Engineering work for the Eclipse IDE (8 years) tooling for 4500 developers globally. Product did not meet usability, security or reliability metrics for use in-house and was an existing product.

  • Customized the vendor install to allow secure internal install locations, automated configuration changes, and automatic critical internal plug-in installs. Improvements allowed developers to one-click install multiple versions of the software with different developer profiles allowing cross-team developer sharing.
  • Created custom operational script to allow on-boarding of internet-based plug-ins to in-house locations and automatic a single-point-of-contact Eclipse Repository.
  • Greatly improved developer experience and cut support costs from 20 issues a day to 3 issues a week
  • In 2018 renovated the custom install system to be based on the new Eclipse Oomph install platform, using rules and workflow profiles to customize install. Reduced Powershell install script down to 300 lines to simplify support further

Tools Engineering Development Environment

June 2012 – April 2013 
Accenture, Toronto, Ontario
Client: Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS)
  • Migrated from the Hosted Engineering Development Environment team to begin work on designing and implementing a global “Developer Desktop” which would allow developers to have developer tools bundled into a single install package for Generic, Java and C++ development. Work continued when contract was transferred to NTT Data.
  • Designed and implemented a centralized data warehouse for a wide range of non-related vendor products to give a holistic view of what developer products were in-house. Product was a forerunner which was replaced by a companywide inventory of every product, team and resource used in Morgan Stanley.
  • Managed a 4-person team split between local and off-shore locations for the Developer Desktop project.
  • Worked with a larger team on upgrading all developer tools from Windows XP to Windows 7 deployment compliance as part of the Windows 7 firm-wide deployment.

Hosted Engineering Development Environment

December 2008 – June 2012 
Accenture, Toronto, Ontario
Client: Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS)
  • Successfully planned and performed 4 major version upgrades of the Perforce Source Control platform, with migrations across multiple datacenter. Included upgrade planning, disaster recovery, documentation, and end-user education for 6 server clusters with billions of lines of code stored. Regularly performed user access and licensing reviewed. Investigated and made improvements to server performance and user expectations as regular tasks.
  • Created a custom secure user management script that allowed end-users and managers to securely add and remove users to Perforce projects, allowing operational staff to concentrate on more cost-effective tasks. Script was fully audited and linked into internal-company-wide auditing rule systems. Production allowed 50-60 daily operational tickets to be off-loaded to automation.
  • Planned and preformed 6 Jira Server version migrations, including upgrades that introduced major vendor breakage. Researched and provided solutions to all upgrade concerns and worked with internal and vendor resources to provide full resolution of all issues before upgrade. Wrote and maintained operational scripting to improve reliability and ease of management of all 6 servers (average 2 million issues recorded on each). Provided extended API for internal developers and managed the standardization of workflows, issue types and procedures across multiple business divisions. Optimization and scripting allowed the servers to remain some of the largest stable Jira servers globally for a number of years.
  • Brought in Crucible Code Review Software to the firm to meet regulatory requirements. Handled standard upgrade, documentation, and end-user support as required. Product was found to have a significant polling issue that delayed code reviews by up to 8 hours. Discovered issue was due to internal vendor code that caused repeated re-indexing of unchanged source code from Perforce repositories. Wrote a custom mini-server with internal queue and weighting systems to have only changed code indexed. The index queue was able to inform clients when their code was being index and when it was ready for review. Code Review delay was decreased from 8 hours to 10 minutes.


April 2006 – November 2008 
Accenture, Toronto, Ontario
Client: Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS)
  • Worked as part of a team handling operational development and Level One / Level Two tasks for enterprise software in the Software Development Lifecycle space. Provided professional support for Perforce, Jira, WinDist, BuildForge, and internally developed tooling via e-mail, tickets and hotline phone calls.
  • Ensured that all products supported were meeting established SLA and had proper alert and escalation pointed mapped through documentation and automation.
  • Created multiple custom internal applications to allow end-users to provide self-support for multiple vendor products.
  • Assigned ownership to maintain the Java Development Kit for in-house deployment across multiple environments and geographic locations. I kept this task through to leaving Morgan Stanley in 2019.

Linux System Administrator / Perl Programmer

October 2003 – 2006 (Contract) 
October 2006 – 2011 (Maintenance Contract)
Codecipher, Oshawa, Ontario
Client: Watermark Insurance Services Inc

Worked with Watermark Insurance Services to create a fully custom programmed and secure business web portal to allow delivery of various insurance services products through business-to-business transactions. Site is still active and using original codebase as of January 2019. Customization included:

  • Custom Access Control for finite control and logging of user access
  • Designed secure search, order, and file system for client use
  • Programmed a secure client – user management interface
  • Created internal logging routines to provide system and user auditing
  • Replaced existing PHP and ASP code with more secure Perl and JavaScript
  • Addition of XML and SOAP program output

Looked after the design and implementation of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server, including secure webservices, MySQL, SFTP, sendmail, and server hardening. Provided server upgrades, disaster recovery planning and server migrations as requested.

Tier 1 Technical Support for Bell Sympatico

February 2003 – April 2005
Durham Contact Centre, Oshawa, Ontario

Tier 1 phone support for DSL Services with Bell Sympatico. Required to actively guide novice users through initial setup of DSL connection, e-mail and the web browser. Provide technical support for most internet related issues, meeting time requirements and up sales for value added services.

Windows / Unix System Administrator

February 2000 – March 2003
Knight Web Services, Ajax, Ontario
  • Provided active technical support and administration for a range of Windows and Unix Systems which were hosted locally and remotely. Provided operational scripting to help improve stability of all servers, and forming procedures for patches and upgrades as needed.
  • Designed and updated websites for various clients.
  • From March 2003 to March 2005, I would perform occasional on-call technical help with more complex upgrade tasks and disaster recovery issues.



Digtobuild.com – 2014 – 2019

  • Running multiple (2 to 6 physical enterprise quality machines) Minecraft Server Modpacks with 20 to 60 active players
  • Custom upgrade, backup, restore and player management
  • Integration with a number of third-party resources using different evolving technology
  • Linux based hardware


Codecipher.com from 1997 – 2004

  • Created a forum to help fellow programmers improve skills
  • Developed VCPPHELP to become the largest Visual C++ mailing list in 1999
  • Custom designed a web archiving program to allow mailing list e-mail to automatically store content into a searchable SQL database
  • Built a custom server for community use

Skill Listing

  • SDLC (10+ years),
  • Site Reliability Engineer (6+ years)
  • DevOps (10+ years),
  • Software Development (10+ years),
  • Linux (10+ years),
  • Unix (10+ years),
  • Perl (10+ years),
  • Powershell (5 years),
  • Vendor Management (8 years),
  • Enterprise Architecture (10+ years),
  • Disaster Recovery (10+ years),
  • Application Development (10+ years),
  • Project Management (10+ years),
  • Application Monitoring (8 years),
  • Process Improvement (10+ years),
  • IT Optimization (10+ years),
  • IT Security (10+ years),
  • Programming (10+ years),
  • Problem Solving (10+ years),
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Decision Making (7 years),
  • Sql (10+ years),
  • Shell Scripting (10+ years),
  • Backup and Recovery Planning (5 years),
  • Integration Engineering (10+ years),
  • Issue Management (10+ years),
  • Agile Development (4 years),
  • Agile Project Methodology (6 years),
  • Web Development (6 years),
  • Deployment Automation (7 years),
  • Software Development (10+ years),
  • Software Testing (5 years),
  • Html (6 years),
  • Html5 (3 years),
  • Javascript (5 years),
  • Issue Tracking (10+ years),
  • Mysql (10+ years),
  • Open Source Technology Integration (6 years),
  • PostgresSQL (8 years),
  • MSSQL (4 years),
  • Sybase (6 years),
  • Software Engineering (10+ years),
  • Software Inventory Management (5 years),
  • Configuration Management (10+ years),
  • User Research (5 years),
  • User Experience Management (10+ years),
  • Requirement Gathering (10+ years),
  • Access Auditing (7 years),
  • Application Monitoring (8 years),
  • Artifactory (1 year),
  • Business Intelligence (Software) (2 years),
  • Cloud Administration (1 year),
  • Cloud Hosting (2 years),
  • Continuous Integration (10+ years),
  • Computer Programming (10+ years),
  • Data Management (10+ years),
  • Repository Management (5 years),
  • Java Development (Less than 1 year),
  • Java Infrastructure Management (7 years),
  • NPM (Less than 1 year),
  • NuGET (Less than 1 year),
  • Jira (10+ years), Jira Server Administration (5 years),
  • Perforce (10+ years), Perforce Server Administration (8 years),
  • Git (5 years),
  • Middleware (10+ years),
  • Eclipse IDE (10+ years),
  • Project Support (10+ years),
  • Technical Support (10+ years),
  • Data Mining (3 years),
  • Team Management (7 years),
  • Time Tracking (10+ years),
  • Redhat (10+ years),
  • Ubunutu (5 years),
  • Windows,
  • Documentation (10+ years),
  • UnRaid (7 years),
  • Server Administration (5 years),
  • Implementation (10+ years),
  • Presentations (1 year),
  • Teaching (1 year),
  • Crucible (4 years), Crucible Server Administration (4 years),
  • Docker (1 year),
  • Site Reliability Engineer (10+ years)